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An exemplar for excellence across Aotearoa...

The park was recently the subject of a special case study undertaken by the The Food and Fibre Centre of Vocational Excellence (Food and Fibre CoVE) and we are delighted to share the findings!

As part of a series of reports on best practice for regional ‘hubs’ the study not only underscores Ngawha Innovation & Enterprise Park's excellence in vocational and educational aspects but also acknowledges it as a future exemplar for excellence throughout Aotearoa New Zealand.

The Food and Fibre CovE report looked at the Park’s circular economy and collaborative approach between businesses, education and training, with a particular focus on the partnerships with local iwi/hapū.


The report found the willingness of organisations to work with each other and to try new ideas and models meant the Park had acted as a conduit for innovation, this collaborative environment has led to positive outcomes for businesses and, most importantly, the local community.

Portfolio Manager Jackie Lynch said Food and Fibre CoVE was all about driving positive disruption and significantly shifting the dial in food and fibre vocational education and training.


She said without a doubt, the cooperation and joint effort amongst all agencies, businesses and iwi/hapū from day one was what had made the Park a success.


“The Park’s circular economy model aims to make a positive contribution to sustainable waste and resource management, promotes innovative use of resources, reduces costs to businesses and lessens their environmental impact,” Lynch said.

“The three more focused case studies within the report provided excellent examples of the Park in action, with tangible outcomes and its key principles and framework providing valuable insights for other regions/communities looking to set up ‘hubs’ or ‘parks’.

Far North Holdings Ltd (FNHL) the owner and developer here at the park, set out to provide a platform to solve the different challenges specific to the local community, believing deeply in the community’s potential to develop and implement their own solutions.

“The Food and Fibre CoVE Report is a good summary of the Park, its vision and kaupapa and it’s good to have an external party to understand, validate, and champion what we are trying to establish,” FNHL CEO Andy Nock said.


“It’s also affirming and humbling to have an independent assessment recognise how the Park’s model might have relevance for other communities"

For a comprehensive exploration of the Food and Fibre CoVE report and its findings, you can access the full report here HERE It's an enlightening read for anyone interested in the park's achievements and its broader implications.



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