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The Power of Coworking

Rewind a few years back and coworking spaces used to be confined to big cities, however the trend of working together is gaining momentum in our regional areas across New Zealand, ushering in a wave of change that is redefining work and community dynamics.

So what's changed and why is coworking becoming the more popular choice for businesses and contractors?

1. Personal Growth and Learning Opportunities

Coworking spaces create a melting pot of talents and skills. Individuals can connect with others from various fields, fostering personal growth through networking and knowledge exchange. It's an environment where learning never stops!

2. Expanded Professional Network

Being part of a coworking community in a regional setting can significantly expand an individual's professional network. This opens doors to new opportunities, collaborations, and potential clients.

3. Fostering Creativity and Innovation

Coworking environments stimulate creativity and innovation. Individuals can brainstorm, collaborate over a coffee (a great coffee too here at Flo's cafe) , or simply take time to 'break out' and get a fresh perspective on things.

4. Work-Life Balance

For those that work from home, a coworking space offers a sweet spot, a clear boundary between work and home life, without investing in a dedicated office building - that's the ultimate work-life balance.

5. Access to Business Resources

Spaces such as The Mahinga Innovation Centre here at the Park also offer valuable resources such as meeting rooms, catering, event spaces, and business support services, which can streamline operations and reduce costs.

6. Being part of a Community

Coworking spaces foster a sense of community, a togetherness that is missing when working in isolation - it's this environment where you can feel part of a wider team, to support you through the challenges but to also celebrate the wins - together.

Curious to try coworking?

The Mahinga Innovation Centre is positioned at the heart of the Park and is now offering a FREE co-working half-day trial.

You can spend a morning or afternoon getting to know what's on offer and all the advantages of working in this unique, shared space.

Coworking desks are available for hire on a casual, part-time or full-time basis. Plus, when you sign-up for a monthly plan you also get free use of a smaller meeting room. These rooms serve as ideal private venues for board meetings, team presentations, client meetings etc...

Staying fueled throughout the day is easy - with Flo’s café located within the reception area serving delicious coffee and kai, as well as offering catering if you are meeting with colleagues or business associates.

Find out more & sign up for the free half-day trial before Christmas.


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